Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 25th 2008

I am once again digging into past pictures. These were taken 2 years ago at Mom's house. The girls have had a bunch of cameras. None of them the best, but they do the job. The girls were so young in these pictures. Time flies when you are having fun, and they are my idea of fun. The first picture is Colleen's use of the camera. She was drinking a glass of milk and thought this was a great time to break out the camera. Then there is Abby. She too likes to take pictures of herself, but she gets into these pictures. She was 8 years old, and a camera hog. There are tons of pictures with goofy expressions. Missing her two front teeth didn't help either. Annie doesn't smile the best when I take her picture. Everyone says she will get over it, but we will see. Then she gets the camera and takes her picture. There is this great pictures with Annie cooking with Grandpa. So cute! As you probably know, they don't just take pictures of themselves. There are also some other pictures to mention. The floor and random cars are often deleted. I should keep them for CSI purposes. They might need a reflection that is only found in my picture. Nah, DELETED! The stove, door, air vent, open cabinets (and this is where we keep the glasses,) kitchen table, grass, close up of a hand, and the DS are also deleted. Sorry Mom, I know you wanted a picture inside of your kitchen cabinet. So out of 88 pictures, I will keep half of them. One that I will not show, but will be used later, is a picture of Colleen picking her nose. Yes, she took it herself.

Monday, July 12, 2010

A girl after my own heart

Abby is told any time someone meets her that she looks just like me. I have heard it since the day she was born. When I get mad at her, it is normally because I see what I don't like about myself in her. Things I have worked on changing in myself are showing up again in Abby. Being mean just because she thinks it is funny. Then there are the things I see in her that I love. She is organized and keeps her room clean. I tell her it needs to be clean, but, unlike her sisters, she doesn't complain when she cleans. She also has an eye for pictures that I wouldn't see. I gave a small camera to her for our trip to Chattanooga and just let her go. She followed me around, and took the same pictures I did. Then I told her to take her own pics. And here are two that she shot... I love them both. The upside down one is...well...upside down, but still a great picture. Then the one of Colleen and Annie is just sweet. The camera has a spot from someone dropping it in the pool. Not going to mention who, but I am sure she didn't do it on purpose. All of these pictures are hers. I cropped one of them, and changed the color on one...other than that, they are all hers.