Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I recently finished "Sh*t my Dad Says" by Justin Halpern. It is a very funny book, and reminds me much of my Dad. It also got me thinking about what Annie says. You never know what to expect from her. Her Grandma's favorite is when we are at the table and she pipes in and says, "Speaking of days, how was your day?" We were not talking about days. My favorite is when my husband and I were telling her about how close we were to having alone time. Without a blink of an eye she replied, "You had alone time in 1999 before Abby was born." When she gets into trouble she will cry and say, "I just don't know what has gotten into me!" I am sure if I think about it, more will pop into my head. Either way, I highly suggest "Sh*t my Dad Says" only to people who can handle the language. I laughed out loud!