Monday, May 10, 2010

Buckle Fracture

My oldest daughter is always getting hurt. It doesn't matter if it is a tiny scratch or not, she will cry as if she has a broken arm. Well, Easter Sunday it was a buckle fracture. She fell while she was riding her scooter, and started crying. I always give her an icepack, and that made it feel better. Worried that it might be a sprain, I wrapped it. There wasn't any swelling, and she stopped crying. The next morning she was still whining about it, so I took her to the Urgent Care to get an answer.
She loves her cast. It is a badge of honor. This one time she was really hurt. I do not have any pictures of me in my cast. (More likely because of me) Abby, on the other hand, LOVES getting her picture taken. This is Abs in her cast. They didn't have a Camo cast, but green was just as good for her.

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