Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Memories...not a sound from the pavement

This has more to do with what I remembered when I took this picture, and nothing to do with pavement. When I was in Highschool, I went camping with Candace's family. There was a group of us girls that went, but exactly who is beyond me. We went to Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma. There is a part of the road that always has water passing over it. It might be called a bridge, but the fact it doesn't completely go over the creek makes it not a good bridge. Anyway, when there is heavy rain in the area that bridge gets closed. We figured it was only closed for cars. We could cross that bridge. Well, we got halfway through and all but 2 went back. That left me and someone else, and we decided we could handle it. As stupid teens we crossed a bridge that shouldn't have been crossed. There we were on the other side of the bridge away from everone else. Now, how do we get back with our dear friends? We had to take the detour to get back to the camp ground. I was one of the two that crossed that bridge. All of those feelings came rushing back looking at this creek. A creek, that three days ago you could walk across. So clear, you could see the fish hiding at the bottom. Now, I am scared to stand next to it. Not a stupid teenager anymore.

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