Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wilson Family

This is the beginning of my husband's family. His grandmother Wilson has a collection of pictures from the family. She took great care of her pictures. Geneology is something I like to look at every once in a while. It is normally one of the pictures that pulls me back in. Who is that? Where was the picture taken. I bet I can figure it out. That is what gets me started researching again. On the back of this picture is the list of who is in the picture. I use the Census and, my favorite source, keeps me busy. I am currently putting pictures of the Wilson family into a book. When I will finish, I have no idea. Then I can work on my side of the family for a while!

March 13, 1912

Front row: Alexander Friar Wilson
Minnie Mae Allen Wilson
Frederick Jonathan Wilson
Sierra Nevada Reid Wilson
Thomas Dobbin Wilson
Jane Eliza Wilson
Mrs Denton
Mr Denton
Maggie Erwin
Margaret Wilson Rittgers
Gretchen Rittgers

Second row: Leonard Herbert Wilson
Maggie McHarg
Cora Mima Rittgers Wilson
Nellie Rittgers
John Bauman
Mary Bauman
Mrs. Will Gracey
Elizabeth Wilson Strait
Robert A. Wilson
Elizabeth Jennings Wilson

Third row: Mike Rittgers
William James Wilson
Jasper Rittgers
Thomas Wilson
Mary Marcella
Mrs. Anderson
Robert Fryer
John Gracey
Mrs. John Gracey
Rebecca Fryer
Mrs. Fowler
John Rittgers

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  1. How cool! And yes, it would be great if you worked (more) on your side of the family! Love you!