Monday, May 3, 2010

My camera

While moving to Alabama from South Carolina a hole in the exhaust caused my camera equipment to be melted. I didn't know about the hole when I got my camera out of the truck. I thought the battery had malfunctioned and caused a chemical reaction. We finally figured out the issue that night, but it didn't matter to me why my camera was melted. It was the fact I lost one of the most important things that I own. The camera, lenses, external hard drives, memory cards, and my HD video were gone.
A month after, my sweet husband got me a new camera and lens. He got me a Canon 1D Mark ii. I LOVE it. I took Tink for a walk today and tried to take pictures. There are new settings that I needed to figure out, but it is pretty much like my old camera. I wanted to take pictures of Tink, but when we got out to the field I couldn't let her off the leash. There were 5 rabbits that I saw, and I knew she would want to chase them. I tried to get pictures of the rabbits, but Tink kept jerking my arm. So we walked back home. I got a couple pictures of her playing with a frog, but nothing to run and get framed.
Adam got off work and wanted to go walk by the High school. There is a path that is next to a creek. On a normal day you could see fish swimming around. There was a big storm yesterday and the day before. There was a flood warning north of us, so the creek was crazy today! It gave me a chance to play with the camera.

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  1. Hooray for you! I will be looking forward to many beautiful, interesting and insightful posts and photographs.