Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Can I stay home, and you shop for me?

I made a summer schedule for the girls this summer. Today it went in the dirt. It didn't help that I slept in till 9:00. Last night I told the girls I would take them to the library, so it was first on my list. I love that they like the library, but kids books are not always where they should be. It isn't the fault of the library, but it still gets to me. I end up look through all the books for the one book Colleen is looking for. She then reads it on the way home and is done with it, but hey she is reading!

I have driven past a consignment shop in Athens a few times, and today I wanted to look inside. I ended up with 2 dresses and 2 skirts. Abby said one dress looks like it was made in the 60s. That might be why I like it. Not that she would know what a dress in the 60s looks like. The other one has all 3 girls' favorite colors. They all agreed I should get it. I had more that I wanted, but I couldn't spend over $50. I promised myself. I didn't promise that I wouldn't go back tomorrow...

We then went to eat and then to Walmart. I went from something I love to do to something I hate. Shopping in Walmart kills me. Then they made it worse by remodeling the store. I couldn't find anything I really wanted. Crafts are easy to find, but I walked around in circles looking for expo markers. They are the one thing I had to get for Adam. Then a lady stopped me to ask where are the boxes of Jello. I understand that most Moms know where Jello would be, but not me. But she asked me in a way that made up for it. "You don't look old enough to have these 3 girls. Do you know where the Jello is?" I wanted to start off about my life story to make her regret asking me. I just sent her to the chips across the store. She said that was too far, so it wasn't important. So you are saying that it was important to stop a mom with 3 kids going in different directions, but not important enough to go get it. I was wrong anyways. They moved that stuff last week, so nothing was in that area. Then we get to one of my pet peeves. I can't stand cashiers who bag meat products with fresh vegies. The meat isn't always completely sealed. The juices could get all over my baby spinach. I know this is one of my things, so I don't say anything. I just pull out the spinach and politely ask for another bag. In turn she gives me an evil look and hands me a bag.

Last but not least Lowes. I love shopping at lowes. I hate shopping at lowes. I know I shouldn't ever shop at lowes. I have so many feelings when it comes to Lowes, because I worked at one in South Carolina. I loved working there. I loved the customers and the store. It was the employees that always ticked me off. Even now, when I go, it is the employees that get me. There are the ones who work so hard, but they are at lunch when I am there. Then there are the three talking 5 feet away from the register when there are 6 people in line. The cashier calls overhead, "Code 3 outside lawn and garden." One of the three comes up to the register, the second one goes inside because it is too hot for him, and the third vanishes. Why did the cashier have to call overhead? They could see us standing there! Why does he get to go inside to the AC and I have to stand in line for 15 minutes in the heat? I know. I shouldn't shop at Lowes.

Now, the girls are outside in the pool. I have a sunburn, and sitting outside wouldn't be good. I guess I could clean, but that would be crazy! Nah, I will wash my new dresses, so I can wear one to church tonight. :)

Since I don't have any pictures, check out People of Walmart. It explains everything!


  1. Sounds like you need some "Readers Advisory" (librarian term) for the girls' books. Or is it that you don't like the location of the children's area? A certain library I know recently did a remodel and moved the children's area. It's much more kid and parent friendly now.

  2. They are the early reader books. They are not in order. They have sections, Early Reader "A" After that, it is all random. Colleen's author was Capucilli. I found it in the D section. Which is a different aisle.

  3. Wow, my hatred for WalMart knows no bounds. It's not even for an altruistic reason like their labor policy, either. I just hate being in places where people feel like they have to brush up against you twenty. four. seven. I have not been WalMart one time in the last few years where someone had not done that.

    As for the raw meat and veggies, I can go one better. One time, a bagger (not at WalMart, this was somewhere else) put raw CHICKEN in with my groceries! I also asked for another bag, and she was like, "Pssht! It won't hurt it none!" Uhm, lady? I work at a restaurant where we handle raw chicken every day. Trust me, it WILL hurt it.

    I LOVE People of Walmart! It cracks me up!