Monday, June 28, 2010

My sweet girls

This last week the girls went to Vacation Bible School. They had such a great time, and are making good friends at church. At the Family night, Annie was a little girl's best friend. Annie went on the big slip and slide with her, and wasn't even asked. Annie enjoyed helping her. Abby was with me cheering all the kids as the ran down the slide. She made a friend, and then they chased her friend's baby brother around. Colleen was playing with her friend that she met in her class. I only saw her on the slip and slide. Then she was gone again. In the girl's mind all kids have the same beliefs that they do.

Friday night we went to a get together at a guy the Adam works with. We had a blast! The guys wanted to take their bikes to this trail down the road, so the kids jumped in my truck and off we went. The girl's VBS cd was in the radio, so they were singing along with it all the way there. Then one of the little girls told Annie that God is not real. Annie was in shock! She was mad that she was saying that. Annie told her that he is real. The little girl said, "You can't see him! So he is not real!" Annie asked her, "Can you see the wind?" Then I told them to stop yelling at each other. At 5 years old, this little girl was told not to believe in God. Annie gave her a great answer that she learned in Sunday School in Oklahoma. My cousin Heath talked to the kids about the wind, so she was obviously listening.

On the way home, Annie told her sisters what the little girl said. Abby asked what we should do, because she needs to understand the God is real. I said we can pray, and the next time we play with her they can tell her about God and that He IS real. It was a quiet trip home that night. All three girls were in the back praying for this little girl.


  1. This is a beautiful post. I'm proud of all three of these wonderful little girls. YKW