Monday, June 14, 2010

of all days...

My sweet Adam had a test this morning. I was worried he wouldn't wake up for a test, so I checked the clock through out the night. I got him up at 4:00, crazy I know, just like he requested. Said goodbye and watched NCIS. Today is going to be an easy day, right? I, once again, was wrong. I invited Abby's friend to spend the night. I thought they would play together all day, but Abby has an ear infection. Poor princess can't get in the pool. She has been laying down all day. I feel bad for her friend too, because our house isn't much fun with Abby down. Annie and Colleen can't get in the pool, because it wouldn't be fair. So, I am tired. The girls are snappin' at eachother. And, I don't have anything that could really make Abby feel better. Did I mention I am tired.

Adam came home, and he is so sweet. He said, "Honey you have bags under your eyes." Thanks, I love you too! I, too, have been up since before 4:00. I have been dealing with 4 girls all day. I am tired! And yes, I now know I have bags under my eyes!

Ok, enough complaining. My wonderful husband passed his test. YEAH! I am so proud of him. WooHoo! As many times I have said I am tired he has mentioned he has passed his test. So, I changed what I was saying to see if he would change what he was saying. "Hey honey, You passed your test today!" "I know! Isn't that great!" At dinner he was telling the girls about his lecture for the day. They all had faces like he had something growing out of his head. I told them to say, "Oh! That is cool!" to everything he says. So we did, and he smiled. As long as Adam thinks I care, we are good. Then when I show them pictures I have taken I expect, "Oh! That is cool!" See, we are both happy!

Adam also made dinner, Fish Tacos, and dug a hole for me to plant my flowers. What else did he do? He washed the dishes and is folding clothes right now! Where did I find this great husband? Ha! He wants to go shooting his bow after work tomorrow. He is trying to soften me up. I already agreed. I do love him! I wonder if I can get him to rub my feet...

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  1. Hope you are rested now and Abby is well. Adam is wonderful (but you already know that, don't you)! And he cooks! He really cooks! Awesome!