Thursday, June 24, 2010

I am getting me a edumacation!

Last year I went to a technical college in South Carolina. My goal was an associate degree in computer programming. The college didn't offer a degree in Photography, so when I got to Alabama I jumped on the opportunity. In 2 months I will be back in school with 6 classes. I have one more year to use my GI Bill. Not only do I get to go to school, but I get paid to go! Since the money I am getting goes toward college, Adam said I could get Photoshop. WooHoo! I am not done with computer programming. I think in two years I can get both.

I am very excited to take pictures of a little 6 month old boy tomorrow. I told his mom that I am not a professional, but I am sure I will get some good pics. Those pictures I get to add to my portfolio. My first photo shoot ;)

Then Saturday I get to take pictures of my friends prego belly! She asked me yesterday! She is having a girl! She also has a daughter that will be playing with us! Off to draw out layouts for the pictures!

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  1. I want Photoshop, too. Will you ask Adam if I can get it? :)