Sunday, June 20, 2010


Today the girls asked if God answers all prayers. I told them that he listens to all prayers. He answers them, but there are some answers we may not like. Well, at 11:00 pm it was Colleen's turn to get an ear ache. We have the ear drops that the Dr gave Abby and Annie for pain. Only problem is I don't know where Adam put the drops. I wake him up and he didn't know where the drops were. He looked out in the van while I looked in Abby's room. I searched low, and he searched high. About 10 minutes into it, I told Adam to go to bed. He has a test tomorrow, and needs his sleep. Colleen "helped" me look everywhere. I decided to double check the van. I grabbed my keys and looked in the van and the truck. "Please Lord, help me." I decided to look on the back porch, so I unlocked the door and checked. Nope, nothing. Tossed my keys on the counter, and I missed. They landed on the floor. "Don't forget to pick up the keys later." Drawers, bags, short pockets (in case I put it in my pocket for safe keeping,) washer, dryer, in couch, under couch, behind everything... I give up! I give Colleen some pain meds and a hot cloth for her to put on her ear. "Don't forget keys." I go to pick up the keys and the t shirt under them. I toss the shirt in the laundry room, and there are the drops. They had fallen off the counter, and the t shirt was tossed near the laundry room on top of the drops. I am not going to say who put the shirt there, but after fathers day I will let him know. See, He answered my prayer. If I had not missed the counter, I wouldn't have picked up the shirt to find the drops. "Thank you" He answered it quickly, but I needed to look around before I got the answer.

Colleen is sleeping, Adam is sleeping, and it only took me an hour!

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  1. Wow, that's a great story. I remember once that I was late for a meeting in OKC and got lost. I drove around for a long time and finally said, "Please help me." At the next intersection, I was on the street where I needed to be. Coincidence? I don't think so!