Friday, June 11, 2010


My three pretty girls got their hair cuts today. Laura did a wonderful job! I hope she never moves! Abby walked in saying, only a trim. She got over 5 inches chopped off. They each put in their requests. I went behind Colleen and said she wants a trim. I showed Laura the back that I agreed with her only getting a trim, but I showed 2 inches of hair that needed to be "trimmed." Abby had a picture of what she wanted. Annie explained what she wanted. I agreed with both, so I didn't say anything. When we got home they allowed me to take their pictures. Then they all jumped in the pool...


  1. Love the haircuts! Did you know that I used to wear my hair like Annie's? Pretty, pretty, pretty girls!

  2. Very nice! I think I saw a picture or two of Mom with Annie's haircut. I like!