Tuesday, June 15, 2010

No TV day!

I told the girls this morning there will be no TV while Daddy is at work today. I could make it an entire day, but I can't make Adam give it up. It happens that today it is raining! It didn't start that way, but it has been thundering for about 2 hours. So, what did the girls do? Abby, still with an ear ache, slept. I wish I could do that. Annie and Colleen, colored for a little while and are now playing with play dough. I helped a bit keeping them busy by taking them to the reading program that the library put together. They also planned an outside day, so they had to change their plans too. It is so quiet and calm though. The sound of the rain, and no TV. Every once in a while the girls will start to sing something. Colleen has been stuck on the good ship lollipop. All morning it was "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!" When she gets a song in her head, you hear one part of that song over and over again. I think tomorrow will be no computer....that would be hard for me. Till Daddy gets home though. The girls are great without TV. I just needed some peace and quiet. Now, off to check on Abby and finish my book.

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  1. Good for you! Yesterday, when it was flooding in Oklahoma, I thought about the many kids who couldn't go outside. Some of them did go outside, but it was to evacuate their homes! Enjoy "The Sounds of Silence"! YKW